COLING 2022 (Haoxiang Shi)

I am Haoxiang, a D2 student in Sakai lab.

I attended the 29th international conference on computational linguistics(COLING2022) in Gyeongju on 2022.10.11-2022.10.18, Korea, and here are my experiences of attending my first international academic conference.

COLING, the International Conference on Computational Linguistics, is one of the premier conferences for the natural language processing and computational linguistics.

The article I presented at this conference is:

LayerConnect: Hypernetwork-Assisted Inter-Layer Connector to Enhance Parameter Efficiency.
(acceptance rate: 24.2%)

Due to the influence of COVID-19, it feels like the last century to go abroad. I attended the conference in person because the covid-19 in Korea was not very serious.


One of the most attractive things about attending international conferences is that I can listen to presentations by experts in the field of NLP, which can make me learn about the latest scientific research quickly and swim in the sea of NLP.

I can hear many oral and poster presentations, and I enjoyed the poster session the most. I could communicate directly with the authors in the poster sessions, ask questions, and obtain their responses. Then, through the oral and poster sessions, I met many people from different countries and NLP fields.


For my paper presentation

I felt very nervous because it was my first academic presentation. I remember that a dozen researchers came to talk to me and gave me valuable advice. Through this talking, I feel the value of attending this meeting.



I also attended the welcome reception, which was an excellent opportunity to meet and talk to my-peer researchers.


Ending and conclusion
Attending international academic conferences is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, meet researchers in different fields and improve your academic skills. It was a great encouragement to my research career.
I look forward to the next academic conference.