SIGIR Tokyo Seminar Series #2 October 5, 2018

SPEAKER: Max L. Wilson
DATE/TIME: 13:30-14:30 October 5, 2018
VENUE: Waseda University Nishiwaseda Campus Room 63-0506
(Same floor as the Sakai Lab 63-0504)

TALK TITLE: Search Tactics for Real-World Tech Problems

We know lots about certain types of search tasks, even some fairly complicated exploratory search tasks. But some of the hardest ones that many people face on a day to day basis are left relatively un-examined. In this google-funded project, we studied a hyper-realistic search task: how to make a mobile phone safe for a child, and to practically do so for a phone provided to them. There are different solutions that partly address this problem, but also many opinions about how it should be done so. Resolving the task involves discovering options, researching subjective opinions, comparing ideas, and even analysing to decide if you are capable of achieving them. We will present results from this study, with a focus on the tactical and strategic approaches adopted by users.

Dr Max L. Wilson is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, UK. His research expertise is grounded in Human-Computer Interaction, typically applied to how people search for and explore information, and in how user interfaces can support users in doing so. His recent work has focused on Mental Workload associated with dealing with information using fNIRS to study brain activation during tasks. Max publishes in both the SIGIR and HCI communities, including a book on Search User Interface Design. Max is an associate editor for IJHCS, sites on the steering committee for ACM CHIIR, and frequently takes part in the organisation of CHI conferences.