Professor Yuki Arase’s NLP talk (荒瀬由紀先生ご講演)

Professor Yuki Arase will visit the Sakai Lab and give a talk! Everyone’s welcome to attend!

Date: 4-5pm, 18th July, 2024
Venue: Room 63-0506, Nishiwaseda Campus

Fine-Grained Control over Paraphrase Generation

Abstract: A paraphrase involves rephrasing expressions in a sentence
while retaining its original meaning. Automatic paraphrasing finds
diverse applications, including data augmentation and aiding
computer-assisted language learning. In these contexts, precise and
fine-grained control over attributes like semantic diversity and
lexical choice is essential. This presentation will introduce our
recent research on controlled paraphrase generation.

I am a professor at the School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of
Technology, Japan. After obtaining my PhD in Information Science from
Osaka University (2010), I worked for Microsoft Research Asia, where I
started NLP research that continues to captivate me to this day. My
research interests focus on paraphrasing and NLP technology for
language education and healthcare.